Vast shastra, or Vastu, is an antiquated science that use the best of work and private spaces and has been one of the centres of Vedic sciences, similar to Ayurveda. Throughout the years, nonetheless, after a concise time of being abided in superstition, Vastu has battled and made its quality felt like a basic and effective piece of antiquated science for positive game plans for homes and workplaces. Since the most recent couple of years, individuals have again come to esteem Vastu and have been looking for its therapeutic forces to construct a cheerful and fruitful life! The procedure, however, isn’t a simple one and with such an extensive amount shrouded information close by, the field of Vastu Shastra stays filled with a few confusions.


  • Misconception/Myth: Living room, main room, and kids’ rooms can have conventional light hues

Truth: Like everything else in Vastu, the bearing of the room is absolutely critical when picking a shading. I might want to feature here that a great many people come up short on the fundamental comprehension of how to recognize the bearing of the room, which is the most imperative and starter venture of Vastu. Individuals typically state the passageway is ‘confronting’ North-east or is ‘Looking out’ to South West. This is off base. 

The exact estimation or location of spatial arrangement ought to be made with a compass, from the middle purpose of the house. This is independent of where the individual holding the compass is confronting. From the middle purpose of the house, the 8 essential bearings ought to be resolved and all further Vastu situations ought to be resolved dependent on this.

The bearing and shading inclination for Living Room can be comprehended as underneath:

North or North-East: Exclusively blue shading

North West: Blue, Grey, White, and even Black

East: Green

The bearing and shading inclination for Master Bedroom can be comprehended as underneath:

South West: peach shading ideally, yet can likewise pink and dark

South: Exclusively Red shading

West: Silver, Dark Blue, Black

The heading and shading inclination for Children’s room can be comprehended as beneath:

North West: Blue

  • Misconception/Myth: Bedrooms are relegated according to rank of the family, with the senior-most individual utilizing the main room basic leadership leader of the family

TRUTH: The main room, ideally situated in the South West Direction of the house, is a seat of administration. Subsequently the practical leader of the family, who could possibly be the senior-most individual from the family, ought to be doled out the main room.

Along these lines, if the dad is resigned, he should hand over the South West Master Bedroom to the oldest child as he would then make an effective practical leader of the family.

The dad, as a resigned individual, should move to a room in North East which can lead them towards otherworldliness.

  • Misconception/Myth: Mirror ought not be set inverse the bed and furthermore that mirrors can be utilized for adjusting Vastu surrenders in the house

TRUTH: A mirror in the room ought to be put with the end goal that while dozing, the body ought not be reflected in the mirror. That implies any course from where the body is reflected, ought to be dodged.

Likewise, Mirrors ought not be utilized to cure Vastu surrenders as it is an incredibly mind boggling and disputable system with almost no viability, regardless of whether it is done well.

  • Misconception: Placing Lord Ganesha in the house is favourable

Truth: Lord Ganesha is a loved god and is revered by individuals the nation over. Known to ward of obstructions and to concede wishes and furthermore for promising beginnings, it is basic practice to put a Ganesha icon in the house. Be that as it may, it is imperative to focus on the heading of the storage compartment of the Ganesha icon.

The Ganesha with his trunk turned leftwards is broadly loved in the northern piece of the nation and is most ordinarily found in homes while the Ganesha with his trunk turned towards the privilege is seen generally in sanctuaries, particularly in the Southern piece of the nation. While setting an icon at home, the Ganesha with the storage compartment turned left ought to be favoured as it is said to bring harmony and flourishing.

The Ganesha with the storage compartment the correct way is known as the Siddhi Ganesha, the supplier of high otherworldly powers and furthermore requests stringent standards and customs to be followed whenever set in the home for adore. In an ordinary family unit driving a materialistic way of life, a Ganesha with the storage compartment went to one side ought to be venerated rather than the one with the storage compartment morally justified – Kind of pictures to be kept in the house – we ought to abstain from keeping pictures of battles, individuals feeling low and so forth.

  • Misconception/Myth: Pictures from folklore or pictures of nature can be put any place in the house.

Certainty: As a general Vastu rule, any pictures portraying savagery, fiasco, or remorselessness ought to be evaded. Indeed, even on account of legendary pictures, pictures of war from the epic Mahabharata, for instance, ought to be dodged, regardless of whether they are from an adored book. A picture of Arjuna bowing to Krishna while tuning in to the Gita is a favoured picture, another with Arjun drawing the bolt and prepared for war, isn’t prudent. Also, pictures of volcanoes, or torrent or a wreck in a tempest and so on., ought to be maintained a strategic distance from.

In any case, there can be course explicit pictures that can be utilized to improve positive Vastu of the room. For instance, water-based pictures can be put in the North-East piece of the house, Fire arranged pictures can be in the South East, Heavy Objects, similar to elephants or mountains and so forth can be set in South-West heading, and air related pictures, portraying movement, can be set the North West way of the room.

While the Vastu fantasies explained above are on a basic level exact, the study of spatial vitality stays a confused and dynamic one, with direction from a specialist being fitting. Be that as it may, when influence successfully, Vast shastra can be an awesome device to improve the lives of individuals over the globe.

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