Vastu Shastra standards are not just significant for the development and bearing of different rooms in a house, but are also significant for the interior styling of a finished home. Let’s take a look at different vastu tips that could boost positive radiance and energy in your house:

  • The arrangement of the kitchen, is related to prosperity and wealth of the family.
  • The position of the pooja room, impacts prospering and amicability in the house.
  • Positioning of mirrors at better places in the house, may influence prosperity and euphoria.
  • The position of furniture can influence the adjustment of essentialness, alongside this, impacting the prosperity and mental agreement.
  • The decision of different colours for different sections of the house, can likewise have explicit effect.
  • Using of tiles and furniture in dark shading ought to be maintained a strategic distance from.
  • Facing a mirror while dozing or sitting ought to be stayed away from at any expense.
  • Decorating entryways with name plates and torans has demonstrated to be fortunate
  • Select rectangular or square formed furniture instead of circle moulded.
  • Decorate the north east corner of family room with lovely indoor plants.
  • Avoid utilization of dark paints on your dividers.
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