Decorating your old home? Or maybe you are shifting to a new place this festive season and looking for some home decoration ideas that could remodel your walls in different ways….

You don’t need any professional to decorate your walls. You can do it yourself!!

We at Fluent Décor will provide you with ideas to uniquely decorate your home and office walls and spruce up the look of your house:

  • Hang your favourite decorative items- Want to decorate those empty spaces on your walls? Bring out some of those collectible items you have been hiding and use them as wall décor. Decorative plates, wall stickers, guitar, jewellery items – all these items can easily be converted into decorations for your walls. 
  • Accent your walls- Have you ever heard of feature wall? It is like a single wall in a room with a bright and vibrant colour or it could be a designed pattern to attract attention to that particular wall in the room. Accenting your walls is very easy; can be done through ways like- adding wallpaper, painting a wall with bright colours and patterns, telling stories by adding wall decals.
  • Make a collage of family paintings- The easiest way of decorating your walls is by hanging various framed family pictures in a collage shape. Bring out those old pictures of yourself and your family; get them framed and hang up those pictures to spruce up the empty looking spaces.
  • Washi Tape- Wondering to decorate your home wall in a unique way- it’s the “WASHI” way. Washi Tape is decorative adhesive tape used to make wall art and designs in a very unique manner. Anyone can easily decorate their walls by using washi tape and create designs that are out of the box.
  • Go Vintage- Vintage wall décor items like- framed wall mirrors, wall antiques, madhubani paintings, wall shelves, wall clocks, royal chandeliers, decorative plates and many more are trending nowadays and have made a comeback in the home décor market. Mix and match the new with the old to give your walls a traditional and vintage look.
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